Technical Hot Air Balloon Training Videos And Articles

Just starting ballooning? Go to the Balloon Academy

Don't have your license yet and looking to get training or ground school? The hot air balloon academy has you covered

3 Uncommonly Practiced Emergency Procedures

When was the last time you flew off your tank valve, lit you burner using a striker and liquid propane, or practiced a rip out landing?

Stop Missing Landing Spots From Changing Ground Winds

How many feet do you need to arrest your hot air balloon? In this video you'll get comfortable with using terminal descents. No more missed landings! 

Fast Landings In Small Landing Spaces

It's always nice to have a large field when your flying at 20+ knots.  Know what to do when all you have are small landing spots?

Powerline Contact. What To Do Now?

Hopefully you do not get in this situation by doing a rip out landing. In this video you'll see a non fatal powerline contact that did not follow protocol. Very lucky.

Better High Wind Inflations

Come over a hill and start dropping like a rock? Learn how to recognize drafts and what to do

Handling Wind Shears, Rotors, And False Lift

Strong wind shears at altitude cause your balloon to double it's cooling rate. Discover common places you'll experience a shear

Having A Great Flight In A New Area

Flying in new places is exciting and challenging. Use skills in this video to take advantage of local knowledge

All You Ever Wanted To Learn About Crewing

This site has a great step by step explanation of each process specifically for crew members and crew chiefs

Pre Flight Briefing. How well do you prepare your passengers?

Is there anything missing from your passenger briefing? Watch this great briefing.  Do you cover rare emergencies? 

Having Great Landowner Relations

We are chatting with an App developer that created an application that allows you to see every land owners name.  Yup. Your about to become a relations ninja

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