Wind Shears, Rotors, And False Lift

This article is from the FAA accident prevention program written by Mr. Robert L. Ruppenthal, former Chief Design Engineer for Research and Development for Thunder Hot-Air Balloons.

Although this is an old article, it is fantastic and gives a few tips on what to do when Mother Nature's flying becomes too exciting. You can see more safety articles from the FAA website

Impact Of A Low Level Wind Shear - Pilot Light Failure

Be prepared for a pilot light to go out when  encountering a wind shear close to the ground.  This is a great video showing a pilot light flame out right after a quick burst  wind shear over a group of trees. You can see the tops of the trees blowing in the back of the video.   The balloon and passengers are not harmed in this video.  Good to always be prepared to relight a burner.

Amazing Video Showing False Lift 1970 Super Bowl IV 1970

Super Bowl IV had quite a show with a hot air balloon launching from the field with a Viking on board. Unfortunately in 1970 they were not super aware of the Venturi effect and false lift.