Upcoming Interviews

Interview with Scott Appleman

Scott is head of the BFA Pro Division and runs one of the largest hot air balloon companies in the world. We talk about:

We talk about advanced hot air balloon pilot training, training new crew, standards for his company from a safety perspective, new windproof sparkers, and flying hot air balloons in your micro-climate.

Cameron Balloons

Cameron Balloons are one of the leading manufactures of hot air balloons and equipment in the world

  1. Keeping track of the hours on your balloon and the impact of improper documentation (600hr warranty..etc.) Best practice. How exact to the 10th of an hour do they need to be.
  2. What happens to balloons that sit in the bag and are not used? 
  3. Will answer live questions from participants

Best landowner relations app ever

OnXhunt - Want the ability to see the name of every persons property you land on?  

  1. Use for land owner relations
  2. Use for balloon festivals with red zones
  3. Can share locations with crew
  4. We got you a discount through Absta.org

Tony Sandlin - Over 1590 hours in balloons

Tony is the chief pilot and owner of Midwest Balloon Rides and has flown more hours than any other balloon pilot in the state of Indiana over the last year. He has had the opportunity to fly hot air balloons in the US, Mexico, Canada, and the Middle East.

Tim Nelson - Sky Drifters

Tim has over 5000 hours flown in a variety of aircraft. Primary soaring history is split between hot air balloons, pargliders, hanggliders, and ultralights. With 23 years of accident free flying. Tim is a weather guru and brings a wealth of knowledge.

Arctic Flying Adventures - John Davidson

Hear about John's epic high Arctic adventures.  Also shares some amazing technical ideas and ideas on sponsorship. Listen to the podcast interview here

Know Any Experts Better Than The Military?

Check out this 1944 United States Navy Balloon Training video

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